With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, some new types of agricultural knapsack sprayer have emerged in recent years. So what types of agricultural sprayers are seen in our daily lives? What are their characteristics? Let's take a look at it with the editor below.

4 common types of agricultural sprayers:

1. Ordinary hand Knapsack sprayer

Advantages: low price. Easy maintenance and low price of accessories. Disadvantages: low efficiency and high labor intensity, not suitable for large-scale operations. The liquid medicine can run, leak, leak, and drip, and the body of the operator is easily wetted by the liquid medicine, which is easy to be poisoned and not environmentally friendly. The high maintenance rate is too troublesome.

2. High-pressure automatic sprayer

Advantages: high efficiency (up to 4 times that of ordinary hand sprayers), low labor intensity, continuous operation. The maintenance rate of wearing parts is low, and there is basically no use cost. The atomization reaches or exceeds the electric sprayer, and the straight spray range reaches 7 to 11 meters. Disadvantages: The pressure sprayer needs to take about two minutes to press the syrup into the sprayer before it can be sprayed. The method of use is different from other sprayers.

3. electric sprayer

Advantages: high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times that of ordinary hand sprayers), low labor intensity, and easy to use. It gives a good impression and is easy to sell. Disadvantages: The capacity of the battery determines the length of continuous operation time of the sprayer. Too many brands and models, different parts are not universal, and maintenance is not easy, and the repair cost is too high. The battery is almost the same after the warranty period. It costs more than 100 yuan to replace it. The pump is also prone to faults and it is not easy to repair. Some electrical items must be repaired by personnel.

4.motorized sprayer

Advantages: high working efficiency and good spray effect. Disadvantages: The purchase price is high, the use cost is high, and each barrel of water costs a few cents to a dollar. Heavy weight, high noise, high pollution, high machine temperature, and poor operating environment for machine operators. Maintenance by personnel is required.

Here, we warmly reminds everyone that if you don’t care about time and labor intensity, you can buy a hand-cranked one if you are not afraid of repairs. If you want to save effort and don't care about money, you can consider an electric sprayer. Regardless of money and speed, buy an electric sprayer. Consider the high-pressure automatic sprayer. As for the four common types of Electrostatic Sprayer Supplier’s agricultural sprayers, the editor has introduced you here. I hope that the editor’s sharing will be helpful to everyone.