Turn The Shock Adjuster To Set The Shock Preload As Necessary
This is where a karting enthusiast gets down to business. Motorcycle Swing Arm Factory’s product is time for actual adjustments to be made. As mentioned earlier in these steps, it is vital to have knowledge of your kart’s current camber prior to beginning the adjustment process.
If adjustments are being made for the purpose of correcting uneven tire wear or poor steering conditions, your observations in regards to camber should clue you in on the root cause of your issue.
An inward camber condition (upper most portion of the tires facing inward toward the chassis) will commonly lead to both of these issues. When a kart begins to exhibit inward camber, tires wear unevenly as certain portions of the tire contact the ground more prominently than others.
Likewise, when faced with an inward camber condition, uneven tire to ground contact can cause a change in handling characteristics.
When shocks age and wear, they naturally change in length. This is a common cause of an inward camber condition. When this is experienced, an individual must use the appropriate tool to turn the adjusting collar as necessary to modify the shock length.
It is advisable to slowly adjust each side a little at a time, taking frequent breaks to assess the changes made in camber. The adjustment is complete when the camber is restored to a slight outward state (uppermost portion of the tire pointed slightly away from the chassis).
If at any point, it is found that a suitable compromise between ride comfort and camber angle cannot be obtained by basic adjustment, it is considered a best practice to replace the worn shocks.
It is common for severely worn shocks to reach a point that they can no longer be properly adjusted. Oftentimes, these shocks have already received multiple adjustments during their lives.
On most models of karts, the rear shock adjustment is solely for the purpose of ride comfort. When adjusting rear shocks, attention should be given to ensuring that the rear of the kart’s ride height is set in an equal manner from side to side.
Much of a kart’s rear Atv Go Kart Shock Absorber adjustment comes down to trial and error as well as personal preference. After initial adjustments are made and a test drive is conducted, fine-tuning can be done to give the desired.