While Post Hook is a Post Hook strategy is not yet mainstream, it's an option you should be looking for Nba 2k22 Mt when playing your Park and Rec games. Kevin Durant, NBA All-Star and creator of 2K22 content is working hard during the offseason. He had an amazing winning streak last night with other creators of content from 2K.

The NBA Finals ended in July and the offseason officially began. This provided players with the much-needed time off. For some, that meant lavish vacations and traveling abroad, but for others, it opened up some quality gaming hours on NBA 2K22.

Preseason is underway and the 2022 season opener is only two weeks away. Certain superstars are hard at work to make their final few hours back in the arena. Kevin Durant is one of those players, as demonstrated by his incredible win streak in the park last night.

KD and his team won 50 consecutive games in 2K22. Along with Josh Choc Humpries the 2K content creator, and Stephen "SlayIsland" Lay (2K league player). KD verified the results and posted them by Choc, in a Tweet shortly after the night's win and quickly became viral on Twitter. Choc is a popular YouTube content creator for 2K, with more than 200,000 subscribers to his channel.

Following last night's incredible 50-game winning streak, it's just one more game to go until Choc likely posts the video for fans to watch on his YouTube channel. But, at the time the publication of this article it's not been posted, leaving fans to only think about the excitement that went into that final 50th game. For Durant, he's hoping that Durant can extend his 50-game win streak as the NBA season rolls around. KD might be on his way to returning to the NBA Finals with the Brooklyn Nets that are stacked on top with Blake Griffin, James Harden and 2k22 mt buy Kyrie Irving.