Rebalance Archetype Systems intrigued by NBA 2K22 MT the archetype concept when it first came out. This could allow for more distinct builds, and reduce the chance of the game being unbalanced as a result of the overpowered MyPlayers. In the theory of things it was a perfect solution to an issue that has been lingering within the community.

The archetype system is not attaining its primary objective. The game is still not balanced however, and I believe that the amount of overpowered builds is higher today as opposed to the previous time.

The most important issue is that 2K could not handle the strengths and weaknesses of each player effectively. A player with a height of 7 feet and weighing more than 270lbs won't be able to take on a guard on the court in transition.

In the last two years points guards have faced challenges in Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins active builds. The fact that you play point guard does not confer an advantage. The speed increase of the Point Forward build is negligible. A Point Forward has the potential to be higher than a point guard.