Why is it that MMOs are often associated with RS gold free-to-play games? I believe that a lot of players believe that an MMO means you're going to be spending a significant amount of time on a product, and therefore, I believe the free-to-play model is a great complement to that more because it allows players to ask themselves 'do I really want to invest a significant amount of time on this'.

You mentioned that you want to expand your reach to Asian markets. How are things going? Runescape is able to accommodate a variety of languages. Next step is to turn it into a commercial product. We're currently considering which direction to take next, whether that's in Asia, Europe, South America and so on. The honest answer is that the jury's still out.

Develop interviews Mark Gerhard as part of an exclusive series that features the best known independent developers around the globe. It gives stats about the amount of time spent by the longest-playing F2Per and some information about the possibility of moving to consoles, but there's nothing that's'major isn't mention in the past, at a minimum.

Summoning will affect your level of combat and your companion should be able and willing to fight alongside you regardless if there are one-to-one combat limitations? You may think that the benefits you get when summoning a creature make up for the loss. But this is not true mathematically.

Steel titan provides 20% defense increase. 20 percent of 99 equals 19.8 that is rounded up to 20. 20 defense levels will increase combat levels, which could boost it five levels (defense*4=1cb). 99 summoning allows you to gain access to 12 levels of combat. What are the other 7 combat levels? This is a bit ridiculous. This creature is definitely part of you. You created and control it. You also have the power it to eliminate. Why isn't anyone changing this?

They also allow summoning of creatures to aid you in fighting in duel arena. This is 1v1 combat although it's known as multi. They should also allow you to summon creatures to fight in PvP or bounty worlds. It doesn't seem too hard to me. P.S. For anyone saying you should go multi... If you only you an a familiar to a multi-zone, you'll be smacked so quickly it isn't even funny.

I've got an idea that will make the most of the runecrafting guild's teletabs. These tabs can teleport players to the outer edge of each altar, or to the guild's location in the tower of wizards. These buy OSRS gold teles are able to be combined with other teles to make quick bank journeys. But many of those Teles require magic levels or members items.