It's difficult to WOW Classic TBC Gold go against the Legion circlejerk however legendarys, AP, and titanforging were the worst thing to ever happen to WoW. They were met with enormous positive feedback over 3 of the worst systems ever placed in the game.

That's one of the biggest reasons I fell Destiny two, that and the absurd cost of the expansions and the season passes that had barely any value in their benefit tiers, just zero to anticipate and get excited about. Seeing QOL updates being touted as selling points was that the final nail, however. Manipulative and sleezy and lazy, absolutely fucking lazy and that I have zero qualms saying that.

It stings a bit, but the name of this principal post also made me instantly think of Bungie, with Destiny 2. Them committing to item sunsetting for so long as they did... especially with the arrogance, saying that it is the right thing to do, despite all of the legitimate criticism about it. They did not care about all the player time spent grinding for their desired rolls, watching their things power-capped, then needing to re-grind the exact same weapon and rolls, just with a fresh power cap. They didn't really make the new drops different in any meaningful way like sunsetting was likely to do.

Like the title, you can argue they were completely incompetent, they desired the encouraged player moment, or buy TBC Classic Gold heck, maybe it is not black and white - they were fine understanding that their incompetence rewarded them, therefore they dragged their feet on fixing it until much more than a year after.