Another alternative is to throw the spell through the center stone. Being blessed with tremendous power, the center stone can deliver the magical over the whole battle to its intended target OSRS Boosting. This method has a 15 second cool down for the heart to regenerate its own power. If the hearthstone has higher then 250 hitpoints the cool down time rises , up to 30 minutes if the rock reaches 500 hitpoints. The cool also drops when it is lower then 250 hitpoints, all of the way to 3 minutes if the rock is at or under 50 hitpoints.

The Heart Stone: The heart stone is what forces all of the players in this sport. It provides the power for every player to call home, with no their hitpoints will immediately drain to zero. The stone is the goal of those opposing teams , for when it dies, the game is over.

This stone is certainly capable of protecting itself . Although of low protection, (compare to 40 defense in black dragon conceal ), it threatens 250 hitpoints, and also the ability to use protection prayers. It switches between protecting melee and shielding array. Magic attacks won't be as effective for it as melee or scope because of the stone's incredible magical power.

Getting points: Attackers get points for just how much harm they cope during the game. Defenders it's a mixture of how much damage you deal to attackers and the way harm they coped to your stone. You'd get about 400 points per game average.

Rewards: All spells in the game could be bought using points acquired from the sport. 2000 points for Heal, also 30k. 8000 for Mend, plus 60k. 16000 for Save, plus 120k. 32000 for Resurrect, also 500k. You can also use you're points to buy any rune in the game, and you have access to some other armor sets. For magical you can buy Yagathian Robes, (not doing stats, but I'd say only below Ahrims). They need 65 protection and 65 magical to wear OSRS Fire Cape Buy. It would be appealing since it features reasonable melee and range defense and includes a shield that includes good defensive stats and a little range bonus. For rangers there's the Sirsalian Leather set.