Let's move on to the mini-game. I haven't decided on the name of the mini-RuneScape gold game, so I'll look into some ideas. This is a dangerous mini-game. It is NOT a MULTI-COMBAT AREA! For example, you are sailing with 3 ships. A single armed ship comes across. It can only engage by one of your vessels. It is impossible for other ships to engage in combat or board it. shoot at it.

Your crew, you and your boat might end up on the bottom of the sea so be prepared. You'll be searching for ships to take down as is the case. Your weaponry will be bows and arrows, a dwarf cannon, catapult mage, catapult and even other players join your vessel to assist you. You can't teleport out. If you spot another ship, you can engage it. If you sink it, you may have your crew go in search of its treasures. Imager36 had a good suggestion on how to board ships of enemies. If you have other passengers and crew members on your ship, then you can board the enemies ship. This could require you to be more agile dependent on the location.

You can board the deck by simply walking across a plank which will give you 10 Agility. You can board using an elongated rope of 40 Agility. You can also sneak under the deck and enter a cannon space with ropes - 70 Agility. If you attempt to embark on the enemy ship you may die. Now, you can Melee other passengers on the ship.

You can kill all the players on the Enimies ship. NPCs are not able to be killed. The stern of every boat has a forfeit button. This allows the crew and boat to be taken back to the mainland, along with Buy OSRS gold their items. The loot is comprised of items and supplies that players drop on the boat.