This miniquest is not included in OSRS gold the quest journal, and its release will remain a secret. Skills a 99 in strength, attack, defense, or hitpoints, 70+ hitpoints, as well as 60 endurance or strength [70 strength, 70 mining and smithing would help] Sug. Items include mithril-bars, saradomin bars, super stat restore, or sanfew serum, prayer potions and items to kill: imp (lesser demon, higher), demon butler(no levels), sergeant damien (no levels), K'ril Tsutsaroth and a 10,000 HP Zamorak.

What do you know about Zaros's prison? Why is that? I'd like to help free him. Does that sound insane? You'd probably die! What do I have to do? You'd have to kill Zamorak. You would have to kill Zamorak. Are you serious? Yes, but I am kidding. I am sure of it. Wow! What a reaction from a mortal human being. What's wrong with being human? There's nothing wrong with it that humans can't do, however, they are the most mortal of all races on this planet.

Did you have any words to say? It was nothing. Of course, it is. However, getting back on track You've claimed you'd kill... Yes, yes. This is a great idea. Azzandra will give you the gold token. This is my seal. If you invoke it, I'll communicate with you. I'm available to answer any questions you may have, teleport you here and let you know what seals remain. Gather? Do you intend to kill the owner? Demonic seals are not transferable to buy RS gold a new person.