CCB could be worth it at Frosts for OSRS GP me if I can find maybe a 1-2 minute increase the speed of each race. I'm sure it's good, but I'm just wondering whether Rigour would be better. Also, I tend to grab bolts, even if wearing Ava's Alerter (not knives though). The additional cost/hit from chaotic would be obvious, as Ava's Alerter can't reduce the cost. It's not clear yet, but I'll be choosing what to get soon as I reach 90 Dg.

I was considering going back to training for slayers and now I am pondering which gear i should buy. the equipment i currently have I can say with certainty that it is not going to help me in least with my tasks. Its a glory helmet, a neitnoz Helm torags, torags, bgs, dragon legs and boots and the regen. I'm thinking of selling the bgs to buy guthans and perhaps an ax.

Also, for tasks that require an area for shields, I would go with the armor setup using a whip and whatever the shield needs to be. If this can help, the total amount of cash i have without selling the bgs will be around 2.8mil. Please feel free to suggest changes to this.

I suggest saving points towards Slayer Helmets. It's extremely helpful, and with addons it can be used for maging and ranging as well. I'd suggest getting rid of the BGS and get a Whip/Ss. Depends on whether you're training Attack/Defence or Strength. It's possible that a Chaotic Rapier could be used to train all three if you are looking to purchase it. I did this when I was on a lower stage.

For basic stat wise I'd guess 50+ It seems that that would just be Runecrafting in addition to Woodcutting? I've just taken a quick look through your bio and noticed your distinctive. In terms of GWD I'd suggest 85+ because it appears that you have Extremes as well as a few Chaotics or rs 2007 gold at least one. You should focus on 50+, and then 60+, 70+ and so on...