This is a high quality professional hand held compression sprayer. It will spray all types of foaming chemical products . Professional quality sprayer to apply snow foam and other foaming products, produce thick and clinging foam.
Easy to use pump action sprayer. Simply fill with your favorite snow foam (not supplied), dilute with the correct amount of water, pump the handle to increase the pressure, then simply press the trigger to apply the product onto the vehicle.
1. Fitted with Viton HD seals for all water based chemicals;
2. Fitted with a safety pressure release valve;
3. Large 2 Litre tank capacity with level indicator;
4. Large opening for easy filling;
5. Easy assembly and taking apart for cleaning and maintenance, tool-free.
Foam Sprayer For Sale  Application:
Perfect for spraying snow foam;
Pre-washing cars, cleaning the rims and engine compartments;
Cleaning combi steamers, ovens, tables, butchers, freezers;
Cleaning windows, mirrors, garden infrastructure, elevation.