I don't rely on"what is more likely" kid, one thing that life has taught me is that there's no anything that is "more aion classic kinah likely". It's difficult to comprehend why your legion and you were not disqualified from doing this during the last week. What I do know is that it I went through and numerous others who are saying the exact same thing. I am aware of what I have experienced because I was there and you were not. Please stop talking about and trying to convince people on something that hasn't happened to you and you have not experienced yet. You're 100% incorrect on this point I can tell you this because I experienced it and you've never had it.

It's simple. If they really are banning people for performing repeats of their runs in a row, it's just a matter of time before members of my legion are exiled since they're always making an alt.

Now, I am genuinely I hope it happens and we get exiled, as I would like to be right. It will restore my faith in humanity that people don't make this huge fuss about getting banned due to fraud.

When that day comes, I'll be adamant to believe in historical evidence that tells me that the guilty will appear innocent when in the hands of a group of random individuals who claim they're the only exception and innocent.

Have you ever seen someone arrested? It's always "I didn't do anything wrong!" Then the evidence comes out that proves their wrongdoing. Criminal defense lawyers comprise an entire profession whose sole goal is to convince people that they are innocent however, most of times you're guilty.

Stop trying to convince me that you're the exception, and that you're not lying, as it's impossible to convince me except of NCSoft clearly announcement that "Exiting and re-entering the dungeon to complete a quest several times could result in an immediate ban."

What is the total number of members in your legion? Did they all report their ban status? There may be some who are bans and then not telling that they had done it on discord.

Your reasoning is terrifyingly similar to "my family members don't wear masks (do repetitions), and buy aion classic kinah eu we haven't experienced covid (didnt be banned), so wearing mask (doing repetables will not increase the chance of covid [getting banned]).