Although many players now Buy SWTOR Credits to make themselves more relaxed in the game, but many players may not be satisfied with the appearance of their characters, they may not know how to change the appearance of their characters in the game, in fact, they The appearance of their characters can be changed arbitrarily through the Appearance Designer in the game. Some players don’t know how to get an Appearance Designer in their Stronghold. Here is everything they need to know.

Players can purchase Appearance Modification Station terminal for their Stronghold. It costs the player 2 Universal Prefab MK-2 (crafting items), which is sold by a supplier, and players can find the supplier in the inner circle of the fleet in the Strongholds and Crew Skills areas. So players had better prepare sufficient SWTOR Credits. But the supplier names of the two factions are different. For the Republic: Khom Grelt. For the Empire: Necra Phaest.

Suppliers exchanged Universal Prefabs for all of their products. Especially for Appearance Modification Station, players will need a universal pre-made MK-2. This item requires 1x Fabricator Crystal MK-2, 1x Fabricator Design MK-2, 1x Industrial Prefab MK-2, 1x Synthetic Prefab MK-2. If players have some scarce resources in the game, they can also buy SWTOR Credits to get them.

Players need to have any crafting professional Crew Skill above level 300 to create one of them. Or, they can buy it or make it with their friends. So there is no harm in preparing enough SWTOR Credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players can buy SWTOR Credits at IGGM, where they can also get some game guides. Go!