Dependent on the release dates, we believe that NBA 2K22 should come out within the first 3 months of September 2021. We are hoping for sooner in that month rather than later, though. Based on the previous several releases, the game dropped in that very first week of September. 2K MT will be bringing fans updates about the upcoming game after the NBA season has concluded. So stay tuned as we look forward to another exciting launch in the 2K family of basketball titles.

2K Sports and EA Sports have actively competed against each other in the Sports genre of gaming. Both the firms have built a plethora of games related to several sports over the years, and basketball is no exception. While 2K yearly releases a brand new NBA 2K game, EA Sports utilized to perform the very same with NBA Live. Unfortunately, EA Sports hasn't published an NBA Live game in the last few years. Thus, NBA 2k is currently the sole prominent basketball games franchise on the market, and 2K apparently does not have any incentive to improve its games.

NBA 2K22 is your next huge game that will soon hit the stores, and lovers tend to be more than enthusiastic about it. To further increase the anticipation, reports have suggested that Luka Doncic will probably be the game's cover star. It's worth noting that he was the cover athlete for NBA Live Mobile at December 2019. Unfortunately, the deal has not proved much beneficial for the rising star, and it seems like that led to him leaving.

Doncic is only 22 and is a possible MVP candidate for the upcoming seasons. Naturally, he and his management would want to maximize their earnings during the summit of his livelihood. In the looks of it, the deal with EA Sports hasn't managed to meet Doncic. By comparison, getting the cover-star to get 2K22 is going to be a big boost for Luka Doncic in terms of capital and popularity. Luka Doncic started his journey for a Celtics player using all the Euroleague. NBA 2K used to Buy NBA 2K MT have this league and its players initially but eliminated it in 2018. In case Doncic ends up as the cover-star for NBA 2K22, it can also be the perfect time for those developers to bring back the Euroleague.