Regular quests - Those are normal quests that are a story told in a short form and are not connected or connected to any RS gold other quest. Quest series is a common type in RuneScape since many quests have a connection to one another. They are connected by the same storyline with the same characters and generally they are a requirement to begin another.

There are times when the same quest can be connected to several others in the same way, which conclude at the conclusion of the quest. The majority of those quests revolve around one large area or continent, and completing the quest unlocks the doors into the larger region.

Subquests are part of a bigger quest. They may reward players by granting them additional quest points as well as rewards. Subquests tend to be much smaller and don't have additional prerequisites other than those of primary quests. Miniquests are short stories that are used by Jagex to connect stories from another quests or simply as independent mission.

Most requirements demand from the character a certain level in some of the skills before he is able to begin the mission. While achieving these goals is required, it could also be bypassed by using certain objects that boost the stats of your character, such as summer pie that gives a 5 bonus to Agility. Below you can find what levels are needed to be trained in each of the skills to complete the quests.


Dragon Slayer - Although there are no notable rewards to be earned, this is the toughest mission available players to complete and the one that is regarded as iconic for RuneScape. With no doubt, this mission should be completed as soon as possible.

Dwarf Cannon - Cannons / Making Cannonballs Very useful for almost all combats. Cannons fire special ammunition that can harm opponents without participant's involvement. This means that you have a companion which helps in your battles against enemies - all you have to buy Runescape gold do is set them on your ground. Also, making cannonballs could be an excellent gold maker.