The packaging is all about fashion. Let's admit it: this package is Michael Jordan. The package includes a fantastic assortment of NBA 2K22 MT leaners and cradles which will get the crowd in a frenzy. The top feature is that the package includes the dunk that he is famous for. Yes, THAT signature dunk. It's the one you see on all logos, with the arms straight up and legs extended. It's amazing to pull it off in an online game.

Imagine being able do a dunk just like LeBron or Michael Jordan. Dreams can come true in NBA 2K22. LeBron's signature set of tomahawk slams are displayed here. These are not only powerful dunks, but they can also be utilized for great effect by people that are athletic enough to perform them. By keeping the ball back behind the body, blockers below the rim will not be able to get their grip on the ball.

Even the top dunk apps can slow down just a at the edge, but not for Russell Westbrook's dunks. The dunks accelerate as Buy 2K22 MT the MyPlayer runs at full speed towards the hoop and completely cut off any chance of stopping him in time. There are some amazing tomahawks and back-scratchers here, in addition, they improve the overall ball protection.