Colors of a pickaxe handle may be specialized in a certain type of ore. For instance, a blue pickaxe handle is focus in mithril ore. If you collect it, there is a chance that OSRS gold it may be a"pure mithril ore" just like the woodcutter's"pyre willow logs" or whatever. When it's pure, it would be worth more than a customary ore. When you smelt it, you may find an extra bar with using the same amount of coal. These pickaxe handles would only be found at the Mining mini-game's reward shop. If these get popular, then they may sell these pickaxe handles at public stores or shops.

Only loses its cost if it's damaged by an exploding rock. Or take a combo of ten tin ores and copper ores and some money and also have Nurmorf or Bob recharge it.

Only loses its cost if it is damaged by an exploding rock. To recharge it, take it to the Mining mini-game's reward shop and trade in 15 shards. Or take eleven iron ores and some cash and have Nurmorf or Bob recharge it.Veldaban: Yup, this is where we want you. The Knight in the meeting is going to have commorb on, and will try to show us as far as he is able, and will find out about the foundation. We'll also learn what is happening at the assembly. When the meeting concludes, a teleorb will be set on among the Lords of Arposandras, and you have to then capture at least one of the Lords.

Wait, what about the Red Axe? We must find out more about Arposandra, because we know nothing of their military. Once you capture Old school runescape buy gold them, we will take care of the Red Axe. Well. . .it's all one tall order. But I think I can manage it. Outstanding.