Over the next few days, Marinez continued to OSRS gold hunt herbiboars. He logged more than 36 hours on the task. "There are times I simply do not like the idea of this game ... however, when it's for money I can put up with it a bit," he messaged me in Spanish and added "It's simply my job. In the end, I'm able to live."

Marinez aged 20 an old man "does offer services" in exchange for the participation of others in Old School RuneScape, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players across the world pay him--usually through Bitcoin, to go on quests and enhance the abilities of their characters in the roles of fighters, miners, or hunters.

In Venezuela, where in 2019, 96 percent of the population was less than the poverty threshold that is $1.90 for a day. as per an assessment conducted by a Venezuelan university. Marinez has done better than many.

Alongside the pocket change he gets working at a nearby pizzeria, he makes approximately $60 a month with RuneScape and osrs fire cape service can afford rice and cornmeal for arepas as well as rice for himself and his younger sister. But for Marinez who works online, the game isn't only about arepas. It's about escaping, even if he thinks the medieval fantasy game is boring.