Hmmm, possibly a 5 to 10 ratio, with 5 parts excretory compound enhanced together with OSRS gold the energies native of fairies, and 10 parts frequent complex fertilization product enhanced using a pure form of basic magic. WHAT?! Hm? Oh, if you want a less scientific description, 10 buckets of super compost and 5 buckets of ... waste. Oh, okay. Wait, that's not all. The super compost should be fortified with rune character, pure nature to be exact. The camel dung ought to be mixed with pure essence charged with electricity that's linked to the Dramen Tree.

Ok, you need to get 10 buckets of super compost, and then use a hammer on 10 pure character, then grind each up using a pestle and mortar and add them into the super compost. Do exactly the same with five cosmic runes, and add them of camel dung. Take these to Oldak, and use these onto the Farming patch next door. Talk to Oldak and he'll suggest that while you wait, you gather as much information about whatever is holding Zanik. He can think of two areas to learn about Bandos: the Goblin Temple, and the ogres.

Grab some Goblin Transmogrification Potion (remember, produced from toadflax and pharmakos berries which you get from the makeover mage), various dyes, and some goblin mails, yes even the Rs 2007 gold white one that is a pain to get. Enter each chamber and find out the shelves for a publication. You can't get any of these publications in a POH bookshelf, you have to return to the temple.