Since its release, Madden 22 has continued to bring new content, and the next step will be January Title Update. Since the game was first launched in August, Madden 22 updates have been constantly emerging, most of which have focused on bug fixes and lingering game glitches. This also makes players want to buy MUT Coins to increase their gaming experience.

In the past two months, November Title Update and December Title Update were both released on the first Thursday of each month. This will cause the Madden 22 January Title Update to be released on Thursday, January 6, 2022. As for when it will drop, players often see patch notes being announced in a version of Good Morning Madden, and the update itself will be live within a few MUT Coins. Although version 2.05 has not yet been confirmed, this will be the next version after the numbering system used in the last few updates.

One of the biggest hopes is that the next Madden 22 update will bring a new batch of Francise updates, because there are two more updates promised by EA. Despite the rumors of cancellation, EA insisted on putting two other Franchise upgrades on the agenda, but said it estimated that it would not hear more about them until 2022. The title is now over four months old, and now only got one of the three updates promised after the release.

EA has confirmed no details of the other two, but a recent SGO report showed that “Scouting Talent Tree” and “large update to the scenario engine” were planned in time. Even after the release so far, there are still dozens of bug reports on EA Answers, related to lack of game art during the cooperation period, constant disconnection, incorrect behavior of MUT content, online head-to-head issues, and the entire game crash. It is not clear which of these EAs have any potential solutions, but hopefully several will be resolved in the January title update. Players can also Buy Madden 22 Coins to make themselves play better in MUT.