New World is full of robots, and when some ordinary players focus on activities such as collecting resources or fishing, they can easily do this. This is very frustrating for many players, and this behavior also destroys the economy in the game. Some players have bought New World Gold to get some rare items, but many items will no longer be valuable.

A player wrote on the forum that instead of collecting resources to make, the robots keep running their routes repeatedly. Sometimes you can see that they are only a few seconds apart. The report has no effect. It’s time to New World Coins Buy. Another player stated that there is a phishing robot on his server, which is in the same place for at least 18 hours a day, including the server and the robot name. It single-handedly destroyed the prices of multiple items, destroyed the phishing on the server, received hundreds of reports, and still has not been banned.

There are some caveats to this, and some people act as if the sky is falling. Maybe New World has long-term and serious problems with robots, but it is too early to make this decision. Dealing with robots and various types of crooks is a reality for any large MMO, and New World is far from the first to deal with the New World Gold. While players wait for Amazon Game Studios to better solve this problem, of course there are good human solutions. New World’s classic method of dealing with robots has not changed. Players guide creatures such as wild boars or crocodiles to the robots and attack the robots through careful positioning. Another interesting strategy is to use a tent to build a small “u” shape on the robot’s route. If the robot is “caught” in it, its path is not complicated enough to take it out.

Regardless of the actual situation, Amazon Game Studios is facing in-game issues again, and the New World community believes that it has not been dealt with, or has not been taken seriously. It reported the recent duping glitch long before the action. Although the developer retroactively banned players who exploited and solved the problem, it had to shut down the entire economy of the game in doing so. Players cannot use RPG New World Coins to do many things.