Heal an ally by taking the required amount of hp from an enemy. recoil 5hp. 20 second recharge. Refills 1/4 of the RuneScape gold lost hp and 10 percent of those prayer points for every player in your clan that can be seen on your mini-map. Deals 3 damage to every opponent on your minimap. 4 stage recoil. 30 minute recharge. Poisons 5 pieces of food from every single enemy on your minimap. 3 point recoil. 25 minute recharge.

No things are tradeable. Only blessable if you've lost or ruined the thing in question. The player on your team with the lowest power level switches strength levels with the opponent with the highest strength level on your minimap. 20 minutes recharge

The participant on your team with the lowest assault level switches strike levels with the opponent with the maximum attack level on your minimap.20 moment recharge. The player in your team with the cheapest defense level switches defense levels together with the opponent with the highest defense level in your minimap.20 minute recharge

Retributional healing: The three players with the cheapest hp on your clan drain hp from the opposing clan's 3 healthiest players. (just half of those competitions health can be emptied.) Bless a priest gown top, bottom, green cape, or staff of water from the title of guthix. No items are tradeable. Only blessable in case you have lost or destroyed the item in question. Thank you for your time!

Personally, I despise the party room. I dislike not having the ability to give things to a particular group of people, but not much can be done about that without even letting real world trading I suppose. Then there are the people who quit and wish to give their items away, but end up with a lot of them given to people they really* do not feel deserve it. How many times have you ever been to fall parties which were crowded by a whole lot of arbitrary crashers which out-compete the people initially invited to buy OSRS gold be there? Would you actually want to reward this type of behavior?