The unique properties of airlaid paper also provide insulation against UV radiation, which makes it ideal for high temperature industrial applications. It also means it's an excellent choice for roofing and other commercial building
applications where temperatures are often very high. In addition, they are widely used to create labels for various printed documents as well as other materials.

The quality of the materials used to make this paper ensures that it is an excellent choice for applications that require optimal insulation. Because the material is made using a special papermaking process, this type of paper is able to
use all the same qualities needed to provide excellent insulation and resist stains and other damaging conditions.

Airlaid paper is also made with a special thermal foil. Since thermal foils are used in the production of this paper, the paper does not contain the same chemical and physical properties as typical papers made from thermal foils. Thermal
foil used in paper production is an extremely durable material, ideal for commercial and residential applications.