In the past few months, Amazon Games’ New World has received a lot of attention, both positive and negative, including gold duplication exploits. Although Amazon tried to solve this problem for the first time, a new gold duplication exploit appeared again. In New World, this new exploit involves the function of wealth transfer between players. This exploit allows players to copy their trophies, which are valuable final game items that can sell a lot of New World Gold. As the supply of trophies around New World increases, their average price in the gaming economy drops.

Amazon Games wrote in a statement that they are aware of possible duplication exploits on forums and social media. During their investigation, they are banning all forms of wealth transfer between players. Players cannot trade New Wolrd Coins. Any player who takes part in using this exploit will be prosecuted. Once the duplication exploit is investigated, they are ready to start wealth transfer again.

This is not the first time New World has re-used. Last month, players could copy their New World Coins and items by sending their Amazon New World Coins and items to another player, then logging out, and then logging in again. Amazon issued a ban on players found to use this exploit, and it looks like the company is doing so again for this new exploit.

Amazon has resolved a series of errors and problems, but there are still many things that need to be resolved. In the New World forum comment, Gabriel Moss stated that New World requires the same amount of time investment as any other traditional MMO, which means it urgently needs more story content and game diversity to fill its enormous gap. And the visually gorgeous but otherwise inconspicuous world. For some players who want to develop better in the game, they must buy Cheap New World Coins.