In the continuously upgraded lawn mower, the work efficiency is getting higher and higher, but it cannot be ignored that it is a kind of mechanical equipment. Be careful when using it, otherwise it will be scratched by the rapidly rotating lawnmower, which is still very dangerous. How can I use an electric lawn mower safely? The following is the editor's list, everyone must remember when using it!

Preparation and inspection before operation. Before each operation, the following preparations and inspections must be carried out, and it can be used after confirming that it meets the requirements.

①Pour proper amount of lubricating oil into each oil hole.

②Check the moving knife clearance to determine whether it meets the requirements. If problems are found, they must be adjusted according to regulations.

③Check the cutter wheel, blade, cutter holder, etc. for cracks, and replace it if there is any problem.

④Check the tightness of the connection part, and deal with it in time if any problems are found.

⑤Check whether the supporting lithium battery is abnormal and whether the power is sufficient.

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