When players enter Tier 2 in Lost Ark, the last Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon they experience is the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. It is the first "real" Abyssal Dungeon in terms of mechanical complexity and difficulty. Players need at least Item Level 460 to enter, and the rewards they get for clearing the dungeon will allow them to craft Legendary Tier 1 gear or accessories. There is no doubt that players will have a greater advantage buying Gold Lost Ark from MMOWTS.

Like most of the other Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark, both stages of Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeon are modified versions of the dungeons seen in the main quest, this time with Rohendel as the backdrop. However, for the Hall of the Twisted Warlord, players need to worry about defeating the Phantom Legion's Rook and Bishop and the Phantom Legion King before thinking about the final "big bad" Blair Shaza with the Palace of Phantoms.

Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeon became one of the most memorable endgame content in Lost Ark largely because of high-profile publicity, and the beginning of Warlords of Twisted was no exception. First the player needs to pass through a hall with changing scenery. While traversing these obstacles, players will be asked to "seal" various monsters a few times to open doors, but this really comes down to clearing out any spawned mobs.

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Phantom Legion Rook & Bishop The mostly purple puppet puppets are the Phantom Legion Rook and the Phantom Legion Bishop, which will be the first tag team Boss Battle players encounter in the Abyssal Dungeon. When the wipe mechanic is activated, Bishop will move to an area of ​​the arena and start collecting energy for the attack, while Rook will move to a random location on the edge of the arena and start charging a deadly projectile ball.

After they move, three of the four team members will notice a large purple circle under their feet that will damage and knock back any allies in it. And players can Buy Lost Ark Gold Cheap and Fast at MMOWTS. The fourth member should notice that instead of having a circle like the other members, they have a crosshair icon above their heads. Once the anomalous player has identified themselves, they need to start moving.

The goal here is for the player without the purple circle to move to where Rook's projectile will hit Bishop before hitting his teammate. If handled incorrectly, the projectile will not hit the bishop, they will launch a full-court attack that instantly wipes out the entire team. If players want to gain a greater advantage in the game, it is necessary to prepare enough Lost Ark Gold. https://www.mmowts.com/ provides all players with the lowest price Lost Ark Gold, and the most professional service.