If the player has two weapon slots in New World, the player should use both. Not only does this allow players to get the best of both worlds by combining melee and ranged weapons, but it also allows players to take advantage of the abilities and bonuses in each weapon's skill tree as they level up. Players can visit https://www.newworldcoins.com/ for more details and cheap New World Coins there.

In New World, the Axe increases the player's damage and movement speed, and provides passive healing, so it's a good choice. The Holy Land ability in the Staff Healing skill tree, which regenerates for a considerable amount of time after being placed, combines the Axe's Berserk Mode passive healing with the Life Staff's healing ability.

Pairing an axe with a bow is a great option if players want to focus on quick combat. This version increases the axe's berserk mode speed via passive movement bonuses for bows, such as the archer speed in the Skirmisher skill tree. However, players need to Buy New World Coins craft arrows for the bow before they can use it.

Every time a player moves up a level, they have an attribute point to spend. The player's choice will depend on which weapon the player primarily uses, and the player should have a good understanding of this after the first few levels. Players are unlikely to use them at the same time, so players should pay more attention to the stats used by their favorite weapons.

The weight of the armor affects the player's mobility and dodge ability. If the player is doing mobile builds, the lighter the armor, the better. Light armor provides the player with minimal protection, but provides a damage bonus and makes the player better at dodging. By the way, NewWorldCoins.com is providing all players with a large amount of safe New World Coins that players can turn to in order to better improve their power.

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