Pesticide Sprayer Company  Features and Specs

For use in:Commercial and Residential: Indoors & Outdoors

Application:See Manual for complete application instructions

Formulation:Professional Product

Sprayer Type:Hand pump sprayer

Tank Size (gal.): 1 Gallon

Material / Construction:Stainless Steel

Spray Pattern:Fine or Coarse Fan2 Pin Stream settings

Hose Length (in.) :48 in.

Wand Length (in.):18 in.

Pressure (PSI):50 psi

Special Features:Unique removable carpet protector bottom ring with spare parts storage inside of ring

Every Part on the Sprayer can be Replaced

Positive Tip Shut-Off NO DRIPWarranty:1 Year

Warranty for Manufacturer DefectsParts Included:Carpet

Protector Ring18 inch Wand

Extenda-Ban Valve with 4-Way Tip and 48 inch Hose

Shipping Weight 8.12 lbs