Players now have the opportunity to find some top players in Madden 22 through Bo Knows Legends in Madden Ultimate Team. It has officially released the players. If players want to add these powerful players to their team and win the game, they must prepare enough MUT Coins.

The latest Bo Knows Legends covers a wide range of positions, but now players have received four new players. If players decide to use Madden 22 Coins to buy them in MUT 22, here is an introduction to some players, and there are some tips on how to integrate them into the players’ Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Ty Law (CB)-95 OVR-New England Patriots. Ty Law is a legendary corner kick from New England Patriots, which fits perfectly with Bo Knows Legends. Players can use him to integrate better defensive strategies for their teams. Ty Law has a Man Coverage of 94, a Zone Coverage of 94 and an SPD rating of 94. Players may not find a better cornerback in all Madden 22, so players can buy MUT 22 Coins to get him. If the players have Patriots Theme Team, so much the better.

Kevin Mawae (C)-95 OVR-New York Jets. In Madden 22, a quarterback with a strong inside line to protect the players is very important. Without a good center, players may give up a lot of inside pressure. Players can add Kevin Mawae to their team as their center to avoid this situation. If players are forming a New York Jets, Mawae is a good starting point. Currently, his selling price at the auction house is about 287K, so be sure to buy enough Cheap Madden 22 Coins. Hurry and act!