Hildebrandt Palace is the last dungeon and the last tier one Abyssal dungeon in the Phantom Palace, and it is one of the more mechanically dense Abyssal dungeons in Lost Ark currently. Once players get used to running this minimum 460 item level dungeon, they may find they like to re-run it after weekly resets because it has just the right balance of mechanics and talents.

Hildebrandt Palace is divided into four parts: The Phantom Legion Queen Bossfight, the rather long mob clearing section, the first stage encounter of Brelshaza, and the second Brelshaza battle. To learn more about Lost Ark, visit https://www.mmowts.com/ where players can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold!

The teleporter is the only mechanic of the Queen of the Mirage Legion that players need to remember. When the queen walks to the center of the stage and spawns a mirror on the edge of the stage, the player should quickly interact with the colored mirror that has another mirror of the same color on the opposite side of the purple energy wave for safety. They should not interact with the Purple Mirror, which will simply teleport the player to the center of the arena, usually within the deadly energy wave itself.

The first phase of Brelshaza also has only one mechanic to remember, the Rolling Stones phase of the battle. With 14 and 6 HP bars remaining, Brelshaza tilts the stage, with a spinning blade at the lower end, and infinitely generating boulders from the upper end. The player with the red indicator at the foot is the player who has to get close to her, once the meteor hits the player and Brear Shaza, the phase ends. In fact, when players Buy Fast Delivery Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS, players are setting themselves up for success.

The second phase of the Brelshaza encounter has two mechanics to keep in mind, the stagger check and the flashlight mechanic. Staggering is simple, the player just needs to know which HP bars it occurs on, which are Brelshaza's 34th and 26th HP bars. As for the flashlight mechanic, this happens on her 16th and 8th HP bars and is a bit complicated.

If the Lost Ark Gold player has a red X above them and three empty balls above their heads, then they are the ones who need to stand still while the rest of the team points their characters directly at them. Once the red telegrams appear, they should run as fast as possible. If the player wants to successfully complete this raid, the player better buy a large amount of Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS in advance, because more Lost Ark Gold can give the player a greater advantage.

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