The overall user reviews of Amazon’s MMO New World in the past month have changed from mostly positive to mixed. As found, the feedback seems to be mainly criticizing the game’s “grind” and its series of errors and problems. Some players of buying New World Gold in the game said that although the game has a good foundation, it was almost messed up completely by the wrong decision of the superior.
They believe that the incompetent and ignorant development team has caused the game to become so spaghetti-coded dupes and exploits are used as a feature, as well as various errors and game problems. They said that before they bought New World Coins, now their bank account looks like a tea party. Another player thought it was rubbish, and he couldn’t believe that over 200 hours were wasted on it.
A player who played the game since the release explained that they increased the difficulty and weakened everyone who did not run the STR version. Many players will buy New World Gold to increase their damage. Now, it is almost impossible to play solo with bullet sponge enemies like he has never seen before. I hope they can recover from the disaster caused by this update. Recently, it was reported that although it reached an impressive historical concurrency peak of nearly a million players on October 3, New World seemed to have lost more than half of its player base only one month after its launch on PC, which was further exacerbated. The rating is down.
MMO players discovered a coin/item dupe bug during player transactions and took advantage of it. It subsequently forced Amazon to ban transactions in the short term because it is working hard to resolve the problem. The community energy stated that this was not a light decision, but they believe that the ability to trade and improve settlements is an important and interesting aspect of the game they aim to keep. They have now permanently banned players from exploiting exploits. However, server consolidation is coming soon. For some players who want to continue to explore in the game, they can New World Coins Buy in advance.