If players want to explore the glacier island northeast of Asetine in Lost Ark, they'll first need to acquire an ice-resistant assault ship from Assetine native Matthias. Once players arrive at Glacier Island, they will soon be exposed to Orazio. Orazio is looking after Samley, a lonely-looking polar bear, who appears to be starving. Players can earn massive amounts of Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to add to their edge.

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Orazio mentions that Samly has not eaten since losing his mother. To find out Mommy's whereabouts, players must first find food for Samly and befriend a group of local penguins by clapping and dancing. Penguins will then offer the player their stockpile of glacial salmon, but all of the salmon seem to be poisoned with toxic waste, and not many look healthy enough to eat.

When discussing the discovery of seaborne waste with Orazio, he claimed the waste was drifting north from Artthetine and that Stern's management agency refused to change their waste disposal practices. The Gold Lost Ark player then returns to Acetin to speak with Bastian. This involves players gradually uncovering a conspiracy of bribery and negligence within Stern City's tech sector over a series of Acetin-based missions.

After telling Orazio the story of Artthetine's corruption, players pick up Mathias' camera and travel north across a floating iceberg to the secluded glacial island. In support of Matthias' scoop, they filmed the glacier's endangered polar bears and penguins, defeating rival glacier guardians along the way.

After fully traversing the island, the player can discover an illegal dump that polluted the island and its inhabitants to pollute the Glacier Guardian, which must also be defeated. And players can Buy Lost Ark Gold Cheap and Fast at MMOWTS. Glacial Essence extracted from this defeated boss can temporarily restore Samli from a weakened state. With Mathias' story complete, players return their findings to Arthetine for publication.

While players are busy exposing the municipal corruption in Acetin, Orazio reveals that he's actually a famous pianist that Fern has been missing for a long time. The player is reminded of the return of Orazio, a native of Fern, before returning to Glacier Island. There, Orazio showed his performance before thanking the players for their help, rewarding them with a serene dirge. In addition, https://www.mmowts.com/ will wholeheartedly help players, allowing players to easily get a lot of Lost Ark Gold and improve themselves quickly.