Webzen's Soul of the Ultimate Nation has officially relaunched as SUN Classic in South Korea, Japan, and SUN Classic Heim Taiwan this week. It has brought a boatload of issues.

As expected, the initial four channels have been absolutely swamped with players and are currently experiencing long queues. Players are also having trouble connecting and receiving an error message from authentication that says timeout on server. The team has stated that they're trying to address the issue . They also remind gamers that if a character does not appear on the character choice screen, it's a sign that they're in queue , and this isn't an error.

If you decide to play the game, you'll end up by a non-functioning chat feature, the inability to use AoE skills of any kind, as well as an outpouring of bots. The team, however, is securing accounts that have been logging in through "unusual method." Perhaps, this includes botting software or other illegal software.

There's still no word on when SUN Classic will launch in other regions, not just west-coast countries, but this is probably the best case scenario considering how much SUN Classic is struggling with.Would you like playing an old-fashioned MMORPG but don't want to be tense over trying new things such as chat, using AoE, or even playing the whole game? Then you probably tried trying SUN Classic, which was made up of Webzens' relaunched edition of Soul of the Ultimate Nation it will be launched to Japan, Taiwan and SUN Classic Heim for sale South Korea on Tuesday, October 10th. And it's already a complete problem.