The YouTuber pointed out that many elemental skills come with cooldowns that can interfere with the DMG bonus Lost Ark Gold. "When you are using the elemental skill you'll be dealing more damage. So if it isn't some kind of turret making damage, or if you've used four times of your skill, you're going increase your damage by three times and you won't be able be able to obtain that damage if you are now on cooldown."

He then advised players that the weapon won't work for most characters. "An illustration of this would be Sucrose. Until C1, she only gets one use of her E power. Following that, she gets two, awesome. Then you're in the process of cooling down.

This means you won't be able to continue dishing damaging damage with your primary ability. Which character could possibly profit from this? Klee But no? Lisa? Not at all! The weapon was created specifically for Yae Miko as well as Yae Miko, but only in its current state."

Contrary to other heroes Yae Miko is able to throw three rods shaped like turrets that continually dish out damage, which capitalizes on Kagura's unique strength boost. Genshin Impact YouTuber continued, " Genshin Impact YouTuber continued "Mona, Ningguang, are not going well with it.

Lisa will never happen. This is one of the most unique weapons we've ever had. It's got great damage Buy Lost Ark Power leveling. But this is one of the biggest investment weapons available in the game. Because it's not going to be used with other characters. So I want you to be cautious."