Anyone who's played Lost Ark knows that the Arkesia Grand Prix is ​​the game's limited-time event that takes place every two hours. By participating in activities and completing some daily tasks, players can earn currency to spend in exchange shops. This exchange shop has a lot of goodies to help with progression as well as some cash-only shop items. Players can quickly get a lot of Lost Ark Gold from

While there are no direct requirements to participate in the Arekesia Grand Prix, players can only find NPCs in major towns, and they need to enter Luterra Castle, or around level 30 or so to enter. Players first talk to NPCs to receive daily quests, which can be completed once per day per roster. After talking to her, the player unlocks access to the event, which will now be tracked through the game's event timeline in the upper left corner.

This event occurs every 2 hours or every even-numbered hour on the UTC clock. If the player's region observes daylight saving time, it may change to every few hours instead. Buy Lost Ark Gold at Record Prices from MMOWTS. When it's time to participate in the Arkesia Grand Prix, walk up to the NPC and a caped golden lizard, Super Naruni, will appear nearby, and it will enter the event area at the entrance.

Before a match, players should be aware of Naruni's set of moves, which can be used to distract opponents or avoid hazards and other distractions. Headbutt is a short dash that knocks down opposing players. This is great for getting started when people are grouped as players can interrupt several people at a time. If the player ends up ahead of everyone, the player can use it to avoid danger and get to the finish line faster.

Tough Naruni is a skill that is rarely used to block other players without being interrupted. It is given to players who are lagging behind as a means to help them catch up. Once the race begins, the overall goal is to be the first team to get 6 of the player's 7 players to the finish line and leave a delicious cake behind the finish line.

The tracks that Lost Ark Gold players take will include content barriers based on enemies and bosses that already exist, as well as some content not yet added to the Western version. If a player finishes in the top 3, there are additional rewards that will add to the player's event currency. If you are worried about missing Lost Ark Gold in Lost Ark, MMOWTS will solve all your worries and their professional service is always satisfying.