In MMORPG Lost Ark, players can play music with different instruments, a new mechanic that the game has. The music players play in the game can be used for certain quests, Rapports, collectibles, or just to have fun with other people. If players want to get Lost Ark Gold at low cost, welcome to visit

Lost Ark has over 20 songs to learn in the game, each with different unique effects. The vast majority of these songs are only available after the player has unlocked Voyage. Among them, the Serenade of Love song is "a beautiful romantic song" that players can obtain by completing the purple roster quest from Mark the Beast.

This is part of a Quest chain that begins with Zenri's Mark of Love on the island of Liebeheim. After completing the entire questline, players will travel across continents like Shu County, after which players will receive a serenade of love. Players will get some credits, Lost Ark Gold materials, and the Serenade of Love song.

This song is an important one, so it's necessary for some rapport to bring the player's rapport to the highest level. Also, it provides material and is an important part of the game, so players should get this song as soon as possible. In the process, MMOWTS will provide players with the cheapest Lost Ark Gold on the market to help players gain an even bigger advantage. Have to say, MMOWTS is a Fast Lost Ark Gold Store.