Star Wars The Old Republic players urgently needed SWTOR Credits. It is very useful, if players want to improve their game skills quickly, they can buy SWTOR Credits to achieve this goal. But for some novice players, they may not know what SWTOR Credits can buy in the game. Here is everything they should know.

1.Strongholds. Players can use SWTOR Credits to unlock strongholds. Tatooine’s INITIAL unlocking fee is 2.5, and additional rooms require more fees. 

2.Other unlocks. Players can purchase many significant benefits in the Legacy tab. 

3.Stuff from GTN. Many people use SWTOR Credits to purchase pets, adaptable armor, mounts and other accessories. These all cost a lot of SWTOR Credits. Players can also purchase better equipment in this way when upgrading.

4.Armor repair. If the players are over in the final stage, it will become very expensive to repair their armor when they wipe in raids/flashpoints. So players had better prepare enough SWTOR Credits to fix it. 

5.Crafting skills. It takes some SWTOR Credits to jump through the endgame. 

6.Alts. Many people spend SWTOR Money to prepare mini games for easier/faster upgrades. 

7.Augmenting. Enhancing the armor of players in the final stage is very expensive. So players need enough SWTOR Gold. The same goes for pulling modules in and out of the armor.

In short, players can use SWTOR Credits to accomplish many things. If they want to improve themselves easily in the game and strengthen themselves, then they’d better Buy SWTOR Credits at IGGM. It will bring players the best experience. Go ahead!