Worse, the old age is gone. It was never my expectation that it would maintain a population of wow tbc gold high numbers, but the character clone fee absolutely destroyed the entire number of players. New comers don't come because there is no reason to throw away their time and effort to get level. It could take months to reach their level, and there's no reason to bother when the server is not working.

Vanilla/classic WoW provides a wonderful chance to reinvent WoW, as well as continue its legacy. It's possible to do an OSRS departure where we can actually anticipate updates to the content. It's frustrating to see how little blizzard is doing for classic WoW all over the world. We don't receive the same amount of attention as our retail customers. I'm really disappointed.

Lol Blizzard legitimately doesn't exist no more. It's just a shell of the business owned by Activision with Bobby Kotick money grabbing at every opportunity. Don't think that anything groundbreaking will happen, classic + will never be able to happen because it will require money and creativity to make. Have fun with TBC and Wrath perhaps you'll get a SOM in the future and then just stop. It's never going get better, and nothing else can ever be expected to occur.

It's difficult to be enthralled with the current state of the game. can only imagine what it will be like when the wrath becomes available. It's only a matter until blizzard allows us to purchase gold directly from them because it's more secure and because people want it. I'm disgusted by what they've done to this game, both traditional and retail. It's a good thing they won't erase my memories of playing this game as a kid back in the days, they'll never relive that :)

Yeah, in an ideal world, blizzard would clamp down on third-party gold selling websites and prohibit any user who is using those platforms. Additionally, they should not use their own gold to cash shops like retail, something they'll always do. Character increase is also a challenge to wow tbc gold for sale the economy. Although it's not helpful to any profession, it can give players all the resources they require. As you can see from botting issues however, it does not enhance any profession. What are you going to do?