Another thing. Do you remember the Hati Wolf event? Since it provided a predetermined amount of Potential XP with a limit on time and a way to redeem that Potential XP over time OSRS Accounts, I enjoyed this event more than BXP weekends. It also didn't hurt the economy nearly as much nor did it give no-lifers or acc sharing players as much. Events such as this are more attractive to me than BXP weekend.

As it has been brought to the attention of many over the past month or so, freeplay quite simply sucks. It's difficult to play due to the many bots and sucks running an muck. Freeplay happened just two years ago. I played for almost 2 years however it was not like the present situation. This is all about one factor: Free trade.

Freeplay doesn't necessarily require trade. Jagex says no. Freeplay, after all, is an entry point towards full members as well as full version. I'm open to debate, but freeplayers are always the bottom of the totem tree. Consider the advantages of removing free trade to freeplayers:

Bots that are less active would ruin the actual game. While there will be some bots, it won't reach the level prior to free trade. But, it will allow the game to be more enjoyable. It may be called classic by some Buy Old School RS Gold, but getting fraudulently swindled is not a problem and those who are younger would be less likely to be taken in.