San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams was a big winner (+2 to 97 overall) after the update. His run-blocking abilities received a boost after Elijah Mitchell and Deebo Samuel joined forces to mut coins record 200 yards on the ground.

Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson lost one point, too. He started at 94 before he improved to 95 in the Week 7 update . However, he the score is now 92 overall.Wilson's Madden rating is likely of little concern to Wilson, who has been a seven-time pro bowler right now in the context of Seahawks (3-8) Seahawks (3-8) looking down the barrel of a loss season.

Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and also one of the greatest audible callers in NFL history. His name will always be remembered for his impressive passing technique, as well as his skill at dissecting defenses and winning two teams to Super Bowl victories. But it turns out that Manning simply wanted to be a Madden Ratings Adjuster and is now ready to take on his foe, Tom Brady, if EA allows him to do so.

In a new interview shared on Twitter, Manning acknowledged that it wasn't his fame or fortune that led to his success in all 18 NFL seasons. Manning wasn't even attempting to compete with his brother or father for supremacy of the family. What it was really about was deciding which family members get their ratings modified.

"I was particularly thinking Brady's accuracy rate was perhaps a little too excessive," Manning said. Both quarterbacks are everyone agrees that they are the best for ever to have played in mut coins cheap this game with Brady still playing despite being at 44. Both quarterbacks demonstrated how they can bring life to struggling teams.