Defense levels are often not considered in Legacy, however in eoc , the Freedom ability is essential RuneScape Gold. Make sure your mage/range is about half or less than the sum of your attack+strength. Leaf does make a good point, but if dual Ascensions are superior to Nox and at roughly the same amount, there's no reason not to purchase them instead.

Unless of course you plan to form warbands with the Nox in the near future, but that's basically calling for a disaster to happen. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, more experienced players are losing their bows and similar weapons due a mishap (forgetting to recharge Prayer, being in shock, etc.)) or due to users smiting. Additionally, you'll be camped hardcore by waves of welfare seekers hoping to triple their cash reserves, which could increase chances of losing it and render warbands in general unplayable.

Before the previous bxp weekend was announced, Nox Bow was a bit solid and could be worth 320M. After the announcement , the bow began to crash a lot, and then ended up falling as low as 220M (if I remember it right). Then it climbed back to 300-320Mish.

Perhaps something similar to as what's going on here There is a good chance that it will go back up again. Although it's unlikely, these items are bound to keep crashing due to new items getting added to the game each day. Since the grave system Buy RS3 Gold, it's pretty difficult to get rid of items today, and the changes to the system will make it impossible for players to get rid of items.