In Lost Ark, it is very difficult for players to travel to different islands due to the limitation of teleportation points. However, with the Bifrost feature, players can have multiple save points at once, which can be used anywhere. To learn how to unlock all of the Bifrost keys in the Lost Ark Gold For Sale game, players can continue reading this guide. Additionally, players can visit MMOWTS to learn more skills in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark will automatically unlock a Bifrost slot for players to use. There are a total of four additional Bifrost Points available for players to unlock in the game. First, having a Crystal Aura automatically unlocks two Bifrost points. Players will also receive a 30-day Crystal Aura if they purchase the Founder's Pack before the game's official launch.

If a player's Crystalline Aura has expired, players can purchase a 30-day pass at the Lost Ark store for 420 gems or $10. After reaching roster level 60, players can redeem a Bifrost Key as a reward. As the player completes missions and explores new content in the game, the player will increase the player's roster rank.

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Earning nine Ignea Tokens will grant the player the last Bifrost Key. Complete 100% of the Adventurer's Book on each continent to earn Ignea Tokens. With at least one Bifrost slot open, the player can save the player's chosen location and teleport every two hours. Each teleport costs 1000 credits. Additionally, players cannot Bifrost to limited-time islands.

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