The free-to-play MMO Lost Ark, which debuted in the West, became the second-most concurrent game in Steam history just 24 hours after its release on February 11, with many players buying Cheap Lost Ark Gold to smoothen their game. Unfortunately, this popularity means players in Europe have had to wait in long lines to play, although developer Smilegate and the game’s Western publisher Amazon Games are working hard to fix the problem.

Long queues became an issue shortly after the launch of the European Central server, and the developers were quick to commit to implementing a new European West server to give players another place to play. While the West Europe server is now active, the Central Europe region is at full capacity and cannot increase the number of players per world in Central Europe. Because of the complexity of all the systems that need to work together, adding more servers is not likely right now.

However, players in the west cannot transfer to another server, so those who have invested a lot of time in central Europe cannot bring their progress to western Europe. The game first rolled out server transfers in South Korea in 2019, but it just launched in the region and doesn’t support cross-region functionality, meaning it’s not currently a viable option for a Western version. However, in a statement from Amazon, it said the new Western Europe servers will help offset the burden on players.

Since opening four days ago, the new Europe West Region data center now houses less than 20% of European participants and is growing every day. They know queue times can be very frustrating for players, but it delighted them that this new data center has reduced peak queues by 48%. They are closely monitoring this number while continually working to further improve queue times. Despite some issues, there are still many players who buy Lost Ark Gold and want to try playing it. Interested players can get more game guides and the safest Lost Ark Gold at Go!