Cadantine potions(unf) are excellent. A clean cadantine can be purchased at around 1.5k, and a vial with RuneScape gold water costs 100gp. Street price is about 2k for unfinished potion. Anything that you are unable to sell could be transformed into junk. My bank has bone bolts worth 10k that nobody buys.

Question: What are the latest products that are used to dispose of junk. I would like to know to be able to show all the tsg what items are worth buying. Answers: My friend got his main ban and I suggested he purchase his 1-70 fletching gear (about 1.8m bows (u), maple logs 44 gp and a maple longerbow (u) and with 144 grams.

Pouches are now the latest standard. Bone bolts are bought by people and never sell them. They are still useful. Scrolls that I summoned in my youth. Lmao, I have seen oil lanturns, uni torstols, cadatines and spirit pouches as along with ironsteel pl8arrows as well as cheap OSRS gold uni bows. Most often, it was observed through gold-plated solds.