A 2K22 TikTok on the 10th of October has become viral, with a video of a person constantly draining hook shots from deep NBA 2K22 MT, effectively making the "Post" from the Post Hook. It appears that virtually every time the player is able to do as shown in the footage, they've got the Posterizer badge on display. Only one exception is the first shot that was taken.

Although it's not known what type of Center or Power Forward model the player is using to allow the shots to hit most likely, they're utilizing the frequently overlooked Post Hook stat in some way. We've seen this sort of ploy only once before in an epic and memorable contest between two superstars of basketball as seen on Family Guy.

In the legend-making game of "Double Dribble" between Cleveland Orenthal Brown Sr. and Peter Griffin, Peter used such an escape to take the match 18-4. He made use of his signature "Corner three" shot 6 times in a row. If you've experienced 2K22 against a clever Sharpshooting guard this video may be very real to you.

Thus, even though this Post Hook strategy may not be widespread yet but you should be on the lookout for it in all of your Park as well as Rec games from now out. NBA All-Star Kevin Durant has been logging many hours of 2K22 over the past few months and experienced a record-breaking win streak last night in conjunction with several creators of content for 2K.

After the end of the NBA Finals in late July it was time for the offseason to officially be in full swing providing players with needed downtime. For someplayers, that meant extravagant vacations and trips abroad Buy NBA 2K Coins, but for others, it meant more quality game time with NBA 2K22.