According to recent news, the new expansion of Path of Exile has won the highest concurrent player count. The new gameplay attracted many players and POE Currency Buy for better performance. And in The Siege Of The Atlas, it added four new endgame bosses. Each fight has its own unique new mechanics. And The Black Star is the unique to them all. Players need to be well prepared to survive. Many players may not know how to enter the Black Star fight. Here’s everything they need to know.

Entering the Black Star fight is very simple. When fighting Black Star for the first time, simply follow the quest steps provided to players by The Envoy and Kirac to complete Atlas. All of this requires activating Searing Exarch’s influence on players’ map devices to complete higher-level maps. As long as players have defeated a Tier 12 or higher map boss with Searing Exarch’s influence, they will receive a Polaric Invitation. Players need to put it into the map device to start the fight. Before that, they need to Buy POE Currency for the best preparation.

The first encounter is the “story” version, which is much easier than the farmable version they encounter later. Once players progress further and defeat Searing Exarch, they can repeat these boss fights by simply completing more maps with Searing Exarch’s influence. It can access the harder version of Black Star after players have completed 14 maps. So they’d better use some POE Items to boost their strength.

Players need to understand the gameplay fully, and The Polaric Void mechanics can frustrate if they enter blindly, but once they understand the arena, the combat isn’t too difficult. If they’re farming for the endgame and want to get more out of Archnemesis, they can get more guides at POECurrency. They can also get some POE Currency there, which can save players a lot of time. Try it!