In the initial version, players in Lineage 2M Diamonds 35 markets across North America and Europe will have the opportunity to play Lineage 2M - a version made based on the popular Lineage II but for mobile devices. The game is currently playable on both Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Before that the game was available in Korea .

This restricted release means gamers in other markets still aren't able to "mainstream" to download it onto their devices and begin their adventure journey. One of the countries that have not yet launched it is Vietnam of which is typically included as a part of the group that is not considered a priority for an early release.

In the near future, even if it is being launched in other countries like Asia or Southeast Asia, the release rate in Vietnam remains extremely low. There is a good chance of being included in the last section that it may not be officially released.

To solve this issue and satisfy the craving players from Vietnam (as as well as other nations and regions that have not yet released Lineage 2M) can use several small tricks to roam for Apple ID or their region. Play Store to supported markets.

Android players are "easier breathing" as they need to go to 3rd party application stores , or download the APK file to their device to install and experience, with no need to change IP when playing. But , be aware that this comes with the risk of selecting the wrong installation files that have been altered for malicious reasons and users are accountable for Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds their own choices.