Rovlen is the first world boss the player encounters in Lost Ark, the gigantic factory boss of Silutra. For many players, it can be quite a challenge. Not only does Rovlen have some intense attacks, but it also only spawns at certain times. So some players may need to level up their Lost Ark character to accept it. Players can purchase Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to pursue even greater progress.

During Lost Ark's main story quest, players can find Rovlen, the world boss, in the Birbrin Forest area of ​​the Lost Ark Gold continent of Silutra. When the player enters the area for the first time, they can open the map to view the southwest part. Check out the location of the Hammer Mine at the bottom left of the map screen. From the named location, the boss is on the right, in a nearby cul-de-sac that points north. For many players, Rovlen is a serious challenge.

Thankfully, Rovlen won't be moving from this location, as it's the plant manager. Some players may enter this empty field only to find that the boss is gone. Don't worry, this is because Rovlen doesn't spawn until about 30 minutes after being defeated in the player's game world. Although combat in Lost Ark is relatively straightforward, to make any progress while challenging Rovlen, players will need to rely on everything in their arsenal.

Poison attacks are one of the most important things players will want to avoid when facing this boss. Over time, this will slowly drain the player's health and catch the player off guard. Additionally, this boss has a sizable health bar that can restore health if the player isn't always on offense. So this fight is very challenging. By the way, gives players a lot of Lost Ark Gold to make them stronger.