Also, assuming the game has auto-run/a method to both move with the mouse and move the camera, why not just do that aion classic kinah and you have a hand completely free to utilize your abilities? It is exactly what I do in both WoW and FFXIV in order to get a hand completely free for my skills.

Don't have to jump for it though, could just run forward all the time. You might also run ahead by holding left and right mouse button simultaneously. Never really got used to that through pvp, I went the jumping direction.

Yes, pay attention to the tiny arrow moving upwards when a individual is moving forward. Additionally, there are different fans for moving sideways or backwards (and you'll see arrows moving left, rightdown to signify that the enthusiast is busy ) but I forget exactly what they are. Not as applicable lol.

No GCD but you will find animation locks, so. . same thing, except worse. So no. PvP in this game is not the best, particularly compared to other tab target games.

I am also a fan of Aion 4.0 and under, but I don't understand how dumb you've got to be not to find the defects in aions battle system and netcode and call pretty much high 3 pvp mmorpg. Everything you recorded under"ability" is a part of majority of PvP in mmorpg, it especially looks very like wow...

The only thing it has going for it is that becoming to maximum level is a journey, everything is quite hard, in classic especially it'll be very slow and nearly impossible at times to advance at an suitable time without a party especially during 16-18 because kralls hit such as trucks. PvP feels unique because that's pretty much all there's to it at the end game witht the exception of conducting a few sponge dungeons and raids largely for the enhancement items, or equipment that you would market to buy enhancement products, the caliber of PvP is not the best, it reminds me a lot of GunZ playerbase where they think it's the very best Third Person Shooter but in reality that game has such massive issues with the quality of the gameplay you just wonder how can anyone thing which, same thing occurs with PvP in Aion.

The most important selling point of the game is not even that much of a high quality, sadly. If developers put time to the releases of their classic variations and really had love for the game not a pure monetary motivation, maybe we'd see these apparent issues fixed, and in the event the clunkyness would be fixed, it would really be among the best PvP games on the market.

Far from Precisely the Same thing as a GCD. Animation duration differs from skill to skill that's the reverse of"worldwide". Also as mentioned at the top remark, you will find a lot of technical hints revolving about animation that when mastered, puts you at a massive advantage based on the class you're playing. For instance a ranger who doesn't understand how to slideshot or jumpshot won't be able to kite nearly as well as one who does. A sin that does not AAC (auto attack cancel) will probably be pumping less out dps and reducing their chances at a godstone proc. Other courses AAC also but because of the difference in animation duration, the euro aion classic buy kinah timing is completely different. So again, not even near the exact same thing as a GCD which compels you to wait for a fixed amount of time between each ability unless you have haste.