The practice of releasing more than one set (10 bolts, 15 Arrows) each 0.6 seconds is impossible Runescape3 Accounts. In the past it was possible to flytch several sets at a time per click. This made it possible to increase the XP of flying bolts, which was higher than that of Magic Longbows.

While one nerf can be bad enough, Bolt's fletching was affected twice in the same update. What is the return on this "upgrade?" The possibility of semi-afktrain. We all prefer higher efficiency and greater effort. Why do we choose Sawmill or Teaks over Ivy? Why should those who put more effort into training get punished? Why is Jagex encouraging laziness?

The ability to teach multiple skills at the same time, making it more effective than only one. Arguments that just one skill should ever been trained at a given time will likely also be made by Alch at banks, who will ask why it's so boring. Either they don't believe so, or they think it's possible to master several skills in one go such as fishing, and later using the fish to cook.

It is permissible to combine abilities and work efficiently. Zarfot was once famous for his capacity to master all the abilities and was awarded 200M of Fletching in this manner Cheap OSRS Fire Cape. There is no other skill that could be trained while doing pretty much anything else.